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new community

i've made a new community that i'm rather excited about. i hope others will be excited about it, too. if it interests you, please join.

here is the community description:

- swappingsouls

once upon a time there was a yahoogroup called swappingsouls. this is the livejournal re-birth incarnation.

all you need to know - snail mail swaps
the last week of every month there will be five swap themes given and the chance to choose to participate. you will also find a poll to fill in with your name, email address and mailing address. the poll will close after three days. you will then be paired up with someone and an email will be sent to you with the information on the person to whom you will swap with, along with a mail by date. later reminder and completion polls will be posted.

online swaps
not all swaps will be snail mail swaps. there will also be swaps that can be done through livejournal or email. when participating in an online type of swap please use lj cuts and/or sources like if what you are posting is of an adult nature please include a warning so that other members can view and/or listen by choice. censorship isn't necessary if we give everyone the power to choose what they view. please use lj cuts if what you are sharing could be a spoiler to current films and/or television series. lj and netiquette and respect for each other are always encouraged.

all you need to remember
respect each other. if you sign-up, follow-through. if you have complications or delays communicate them to your swap partner. be kind to each other. be creative. find ways to make everything you do affordable. use your imagination. open up and meet new friends. no abuse, spam or nastiness will be tolerated. more than one instance of not completing a swap will not be tolerated. have a keen time.

what else happens here
to facilitate the whole getting to know one another in order to swap in a more personal way frequent questions will be posed to the community. feel free to answer in the comments, in a new post, or share that you've posted them in your personal livejournal. please feel free to post questions of your own and/or theme ideas. there will also be polls for theme suggestions, as well.

please share what you receive. in posted pictures or written descriptions.

if you have any questions and/or concerns please email the moderator at

laura f
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