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witch baby
Witch baby

I found that quiz when I was looking through blurty for a FLB community. And, I definitely feel exactly that way it says in the quiz. Except I know I definitely in no way look like Witch Baby. I it's been about 4 years or more since I last read Dangerous Angels. *cries* I use to enjoy reading but now it's such a task and I never can find the time. I sleep most of the day and then have to do the things that NEED done when I wake up. Anyway I wish there was more FLB places on the 'net for Witch Babies. Because some of the other FLB communities are too happy and colorful for me. I <3 broken_girls. I don't know what else to say? What should I post after this? I am confused. And, looks as though this community isn't being taken care of? :( That makes me sad.
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